PT. Asian Mining and Resources is a producer and supplier of sustainable energy. We are a coal mining company that has production in 2011. We develop and manage safe, efficient, and technology-driven mining operations. We provide customers with premium products, reliable supply, innovative solutions and superior service. Thus making us preferred supplier of coal for power utilities and industrial sectors in Asia.

Our mission is to produce environmentally friendly coal for our customers, accomplished through investment in modern machineries, uniting the expertise of its diverse and skillful workforce, and through the strong ties and support of government entities. We also provide our employees with an empowered, collaborative work environment based on mutual trust and respect that emphasizes safe working conditions, rewards continuous improvement, innovation and creativity, and provides opportunities for job satisfaction and career advancement.

In all our business operations, PT. Asian Mining and Resources is fully dedicated to carry out its responsibilities to its stakeholders and surrounding society. Such commitment as enforcing the highest health and safety standards to safeguard its employees, ensuring stringent environmental assessment plans to avoid any negative impact to the surrounding area.  We believe coal mining and coal use should benefit future generations and forge community alliances to better understand and address local environmental and social needs.